Pastor Jay Jones
Pastor Jay Jones is a proven leader and one of 10 key directors within the Pentecostal movement of West Michigan.
Life can feel so busy sometimes, can’t it? In fact, we can find ourselves so rushed and overcommitted trying to pursue life that we rush right past the most meaningful moments. If that sounds familiar, then you’ll love the fermata.

For those unfamiliar with sheet music, the fermata is a small mark that looks like a period with an arch over the top of it. It’s just a small instruction from the composer to the conductor that means, "Hold the pause for as long as you'd like."

In this symphony of life, it’s important to take a pause and cherish your moments in the presence of God... the "Fermatas" of life. You'll find them in prayer, in worship, in praise and thanksgiving; during community worship experiences, or serving other people.

Take your time with God... savor the moments... don't rush through the song. When you step away from the hurried pace of life to stop and connect with God, take advantage of the Fermata… the instruction from the Composer… and just hold the pause as long as you like.
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