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reldocsRelevant Docs: a documentary web series that chronicles ordinary people with simple, but extraordinary stories of how they have seen God move in their life.

Relevant Docs: Coffee
A great story of God's provision

Relevant Docs: Legacy
Valerie Elliot Shepard shares memories and insight into the lives of her legendary parents, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot.

Valerie Elliot Shepard tells the story of two people whose lives exemplified complete obedience.

Relevant Docs: Rebel
Andrew Palau tells the story of how he met Christ at one of his father’s crusades in Jamaica

Relevant Docs: Cookies
Changing the world one cookie at a time

Relevant Docs: Blessings
As their family grew to 12 children, they learned that “God’s call is God’s enablement”.

Relevant Docs: Iron
As a child, he was intrigued by the importance his father placed in regularly meeting with a group of Christian men.

Relevant Docs: Seeds
Often the sower never sees the harvest, but the seeds still need to be sown.

Relevant Docs: Divine Intervention
Dick Rolfe, Co-founder and CEO of the Dove Foundation; tells his story of how God reached down and put him on the right path.
Relevant Docs: God Will Make a Way
Yes, He will!

Relevant Docs: Dead Men Walking
When God's people come together for prayer things change including their own lives.

Relevant Docs: Satellite
Where no Christian had ever gone before

Relevant Docs: Father
Andrew Palau reflects on his relationship with his father, evangelist Luis Palau.

Relevant Docs: Imagination
Among the gifts God has given us is the gift of imagination.

Relevant Docs: Missionaries to the Future
Someone once said that children are missionaries to a time we will never see.

Relevant Docs: Music
Music can touch the heart in a way nothing else can.

Relevant Docs: Trust
Emily tells her story of loss, restoration and how God provides in our time of need.

Relevant Docs: Go and Do Good
And then He said, “It’s you.”

Relevant Docs: Empowering Women
Sow Hope was born to help empower these women gain dignity and realize their value, and to see themselves as God sees them.

Relevant Docs: Perseverance
A story of being in a sea of faces, very few of whom looked like him.

Relevant Docs: Sowing Hope
Women are some of most despised people of the human race.