Dr. Rex Rogers
We Do Not Lose Heart
When we “lose heart,” is that the end?
My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts
Is it possible to know “Why” God allows certain developments in the world?
Safe in an Unsafe World?
Is it possible to feel safe in an unsafe world?
Do Not Put Your Trust in Princes
How much trust should we place in political leaders to guarantee our well-being?
One Church in a Diverse World
In a diverse world is One Church even possible or desirable?
The Right Side of History
Should we try to be on “the right side of history”?
Being a Good Steward
What’s the best way to do right and do well?
For the Least of These
Are we somehow responsible for others in need?
Freedom of Religion, the First Freedom
Why is freedom of religion so important?
Love Your Neighbor
In a time when nationalities seem to be enemies, who is our neighbor?
Health Decisions and the Law of Unintended Consequences
How can we navigate uncharted waters and the unintended consequences of our decisions in the middle of chaos, crisis, and disease?
Where to Turn During a Public Health Crisis
In a culture that spends more time on screens than reading the Bible, where do people turn for encouragement during a public health crisis?
Is Public Health Partisan or Providential?
Is public health partisan? The short answer is, No.
Known Knowns, Known UnKnowns, Unknown Unknowns
What really can we say that we know for sure as the global pandemic creates a new reality?
Why does God allow Suffering?
Why does God allow suffering like the Coronavirus? 
Should Churches Close During Public Health Crisis?
Should Churches Close During Public Health Crises?
Pandemic – Panic vs Preparedness?
Should we panic or prepare in the face of the pandemic? Christians have an answer.
Christian Perspective in the Coronavirus Pandemic
Pandemic is a scary word. So is coronavirus. Public health predictions for this worldwide disease are stark. One US political leader even said, “civilization is at risk.”
Coronavirus Fear, Foolishness, Faith
The Coronavirus is now a declared global pandemic.
Coronavirus and the Practicality of Theology
Does theology have anything practical to say, especially facing a global health crisis?