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constructWe love working on new projects!
Ermons (that is short for Sermons) coming soon...

signs2We at Manna Media believe we need more signs in West Michigan to point to our Savior!Signs. They can help guide us across the country, around the city,
or just someplace where we can grab a bite to eat.

Some signs we ignore at our peril.

Others can help us improve our home, feed our family, fix our car
and even fix your body .

God’s Word is filled with all kinds of signs.
A pillar of fire reassuring God’s dessert-wandering people of his ever-watchful presence.
A star in the sky guiding seekers to the Savior.
Signs at hand and signs yet to come, for those with eyes to see, declaring God’s coming kingdom to a troubled world.

Well placed signs catch people’s attention causing them to think. We think it is time for West Michigan to have more signs pointing to the Savior.

fearAt Manna Media, we believe in inspiring lost and hurting hearts to draw them to Jesus Christ.

You can be the inspiration that can change a life by sharing a gift today.

Your gift will help lead eyes upward, to Him.

Give today to be the inspiration West Michigan needs today!

Billboard Evangelism is to make people stop and think about God, their relationship with Him, and eternity.

The average American spends 50 minutes commuting to and from work each day, affording quality time to think. Gospel messages on billboards provide the perfect opportunity to direct commuters’ thoughts to God.

Every 64 seconds one of our several images will appear on a billboard along US 131, it is the hope and prayer of Manna Media that many people will ponder the verse and the question presented. Our goal is to lead eyes upward.

Here are some facts that support our thinking on why billboard evangelism is important:

billboard2rev91% of US drivers noticed some form of outdoor ads

82% of billboard viewers make a point to look at the message at least ‘some of the time’

62% of US drivers recall seeing a billboard in the past week

35% of billboard viewers look at a billboard message all or most of the time

68% of travelers make purchase decisions outside of their home either ‘frequently or sometimes’

26% of billboard viewers talked about the ad or product with others

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gilThe God Is Love FaceBook site is a social media project by Manna Media Inc.

The site has over 490,000 likes and followers by providing encouraging scripture and Christian quotes.

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constructWe love working on new projects!
Evotions coming soon...
A series of short cultural commentaries by Dr. Rex M. Rogers applying a Christian worldview to contemporary issues and events, offering practical observations for everyday life.

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The Carlson Report is an example of an outreach service for a local church and it's pastor.

Our media team has produced a series of videos about relevant Christian topics by Pastor Jeff Carlson.

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Watch The Carlson Report Videos

West Michigan Christian Events is a website designed to inform the West Michigan community of Christian and family friendly events taking place in the area.

We have often we have heard someone express regret that they missed an event, simply because they did not know it was happening. Our goal is to keep the community informed of these events so no one will miss out on what is happening.

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The West Michigan Christian News desires to glorify God while providing local news to the West Michigan community.

The West Michigan Christian News is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, donor-supported weekly E edition published in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Manna Media Inc. It is unabashedly biased in its Christian presentation of news and views.

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Godmercials is our newest project. Yes, it is a little out of the box, but we think you are going to like it.

Godmercial: A visual presentation of a spiritual truth tied to Biblical themes, communicated in 60 seconds (or so), all designed to point people to a closer relationship with the Savior. Visit our Godmercials site and watch a few examples of this social media outreach. Let us know what you think!

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. While you are there watch some of our many videos with a message. May we suggest: We Are or perhaps one of our visual Psalms - Psalm 91. Let us know what you think.

rc on facebookThe Relevant Christian FaceBook site is a social media project by Manna Media Inc.

The site has over 150,000 likes and followers by providing encouraging scripture and Christian quotes.

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