About Manna Media
mannaIsraelites gathering Manna.After the Exodus (about 1300 BC) the Israelite nation travelled from outside Egypt to the land of Israel. That path went through a huge wilderness area – no orchards to pick fruit from, no gardens for these nomadic tribes, no lakes or rivers with fish to eat, very little game. How did 3 million people survive for almost 40 years?

God miraculously provided both flocks of birds and a honey-flavored bready wafer brought by night dew that covered the ground almost every morning. Read the story of this “manna” in Exodus 16. The daily manna was complete nourishment for men, women, and children during their wilderness travels.

Manna Media is called that because today we live in an increasingly pagan culture – a wilderness of spiritual starvation. Little healthy nutrition exists for our souls from TV, radio, even (sadly) from many pulpits. God has raised up Manna Media to be a source of spiritual food from heaven to nourish our souls in these days. Manna Media’s tagline is “Leading Eyes Upward” because the wisdom shared comes from above. Rather than being based on human wisdom, it rests on the eternal truths in God’s Word. These truths nourish our inner selves – as Psalm 119:103 says, “O Lord, Your Word tastes sweet to me, sweeter than honey in my mouth!”

Access Manna Media. Enjoy God’s sweet words to you. Feast on them. Let them nourish your spirit. “I open my mouth wide... for your Word” says verse 131 of the same Psalm. Let Manna Media turn your eyes upward and receive the blessings God give to us out of heaven. He loves us today just as much as He did the Israelites of old.