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rex99Dr. Rex M. RogersMaking a Difference with Dr. Rex M. Rogers

From 1993 to 2009, Dr. Rogers wrote and recorded “Making a Difference,” a daily radio feature applying biblical principles to a wide range of contemporary issues and concerns. From 2003 to 2008, “Making a Difference” was syndicated weekly in print to more than 100 newspapers in 33 states.

For 34 years, Dr. Rogers served in Christian higher education, beginning as a 7th Grade Home Room social studies teacher, teaching as a professor of political science at Cedarville University (OH), working as vice president for academic affairs for The King’s College (NY), and from 1991 to 2008, serving as the president of Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, MI. He was responsible for Cornerstone University’s three-part enterprise: the undergraduate college, the graduate program including Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and Asia Baptist Theological Seminary based in Singapore, and a Christian radio division involving three radio stations, an internationally syndicated program called “Mission Network News,” and a nationally distributed children’s radio ministry called “His Kids Radio.”

Dr. Rogers holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati, an M.A. in Political Science from the University of Akron, and a B.A. in Social Science from Cedarville University.

Married in 1974, Dr. Rogers and his wife, Sarah, have four adult children and their spouses, eight grandsons and, finally, one granddaughter.

Making a Difference: Tragedy and Theodicy
Gender confusion has become the forefront of sexes politics-- and how should we respond to this now... important issue?When we hear of earthquakes, school shootings, wars and other tragedies the question is always asked, "Where was God?" People wonder why a loving and caring God would allow this to happen. Dr. Rex M. Rogers gives biblical insight to this age old question.

Making a Difference: What Is the Difference Between Sin and Crime?
We are all sinners, but does that mean we are all criminals? Dr. Rex M. Rogers tells us sin and crime are not the same thing, and how we define them says much about the nature of our free society.

Making a Difference: Caring for the Environment
There are few topics more polarizing than global warming. Why should Christians care about our environment?

Making a Difference: A Christian Work Ethic
Do Christians work differently than others? What is a work ethic and why does it matter? If someone asked you, what would you say about your Christian work ethic?

Making a Difference: What's the Christian View of Immigration?
Everyone seems to have an opinion today on immigration. Dr. Rex M. Rogers examines this complex issue from a biblical perspective.

Making a Difference: Wife of Noble Character
If you’re a man and married, I hope you understand that you’ve “married up.” You’ve been blessed with a life companion—a responsibility and a privilege. Wives of noble character are a gift.

Making a Difference: Is God on Our Side?
Sometimes people ask if God is on our side, if Christians will always be blessed. Even Abraham Lincoln asked this question. But, is this the question we really should be asking?

Making a Difference: Christian Racism?
Prejudice, bias and racism existed in biblical times and still exist today. Dr. Rex M. Rogers uses the story of Jesus and the woman at the well as an example of how Christians should relate to those from a different culture or heritage.

Making a Difference: Martin Luther On Christian Liberty
Martin Luther is remembered for nailing 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Door. But another thing about which he wrote with conviction is Christian liberty. Did you realize that Christian and Liberty can be used in the same sentence?

Making a Difference: Voting for the “Faith” Candidate
During election season, candidates flaunt their religious convictions like peacocks... all in attempt to stand out from the crowd. But how can you differentiate sincere faith... from political pandering?

Making a Difference: Patriotism and the Bible
Americans are among the most patriotic people in the world. But, what does the Bible have to say about patriotism? In the Bible a case can be made for patriotism and against patriotism. Dr. Rex M. Rogers examines what the scriptures have to say on this subject and defines Godly patriotism.

Making a Difference: Littering
Litter, litter, litter. It's everywhere! While some littering is unintentional, most often it is done intentionally. Why are so many people careless about something that not only mars God's beautiful creation, but hurts us all?

Making a Difference: Can Christians be Patriotic?
Can a Christian be a patriot and be true to the faith? The question is not whether a Christian can be a patriot, but what he or she is a patriot for or about. Responsible Christian patriotism is thinking patriotism. It exalts biblical values. Christians can be patriotic. We just have to be patriotic about the right things.

Making a Difference: Not License, Not Legalism, But Liberty
Borrowing from Ezekiel, the late Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer once entitled a book, "How Shall We Then Live?" It's a relevant question--how shall we live?

Making a Difference: A Christian Perspective On Immigration
We are all immigrants in one way or another... so why is the issue of Immigration such a hot topic? And how might our Christian faith influence our views?

Making a Difference: "That's Just the Way I Am"
“That’s just the way I am” is an excuse we like to fall back on when we become impatient, lose our temper or worry. But, is using “that’s just the way I am” as an excuse, good theology?

Making a Difference: Economics, Politics and Morality
Whether we realize it or not, we are expressing our morality every day. We are involved in morality every time we are making decisions in economics and politics. Dr. Rex M. Rogers explores this further in this episode of Making a Difference.

Making a Difference: Responding to Betrayal
We've all been stabbed in the back... and we all know the resulting pain. But how does our response play a key roll in overcoming...betrayal?

Making a Difference: Celebrity Christians
Making "Celebrity Christians" larger than life is nothing new. As Dr. Rogers points out, we even see it in the Scriptures.

Making a Difference: Luck
Many people seem to believe that all the good and all the bad in their life is determined by luck. Believing in luck says something about your theology. Dr. Rogers explains the difference between the belief in luck and belief in a sovereign God.

Making a Difference: A Chance Beginning, A Chance Ending
Is there a reason you were born on the day you were born? Is there a reason for the particular day on which you will die? Or, is it just chance or happenstance? Dr. Rex M.Rogers, host of Making a Difference, addresses these questions with a biblical answer.

Making a Difference: The Travesty of Abortion
It's the issue that still divides our nation. The bell tolls for millions of lives taken by abortion and affects the lives of millions more.

Making a Difference: Animal Kingdom
It's a wonder how far we have come in the limited time we've been on earth. While many credit innovation, perseverance, and knowledge... it's easy to forget the unsung heroes... animals.

Making a Difference: Listening to the Donkeys in Your Life
There is an interesting passage in the book of Numbers about Balaam and his donkey. Balaam was so spiritually blind that God had to use a donkey to speak to him. Is God trying to speak to you today? Listen closely. He may be using the donkeys in your life.

Making a Difference: Optimistic Realists
It is the age old question. Are you a glass half empty, or a glass half full? In this segment of Making a Difference, Dr. Rex M. Rogers looks at the question through the eyes of faith.

Making a Difference: The American Church and Nationalism
God’s role in America is undeniable. But, why is there a danger of wrapping God in the flag? Patriotism is a legitimate emotion, but it must be a responsible patriotism that holds our country accountable to a higher law

Making a Difference: Art Is A Divine Human Gift
It's everywhere... some of it we understand; some of it, we don't. Some of it is priceless, and some of it... not so much. What place does art play in our lives?

Making a Difference:No Place For Rambo Christians
We hear a lot about civil disobedience. Should a Christian disobey government laws if they believe the laws violate biblical principles? Should Christians protest in the streets? Dr. Rex M. Rogers looks to the Scriptures for answers to these questions.

Making a Difference: Robinson Crusoe’s Biblical Understanding of Adversity
We all face adversity in life—it’s as certain as death and taxes. Try being shipwrecked on a deserted island. What can we learn about adversity from Robinson Crusoe?

Making a Difference: Only God Can Hide A Mountain
God is big. He demonstrates his power with each thunder roll and each cloud covering a mountain. But is God big enough to handle our problems?

Making a Difference: Presidential Religion
Every presidential election involves religion, and it should. Voters have a legitimate interest in how a candidate's religious beliefs may influence his or her decision making. But, should we refuse to vote for a candidate because his or her moral viewpoints do not align with ours?

Making a Difference: America the Beautiful
America. What a country? It’s beautiful from sea to shining sea. But what makes America beautiful—is it the landscape or our ideals?

Making a Difference: Got Stuff?
An all American problem: Got Stuff? Give it away!

Making a Difference: God in a Box
Some people envision God as small, putting him in a little box. Some people put him outside their box, with no ability to influence them. Others don’t believe in God at all. If we let God out of the box, what do you supposed we’d discover?

Making a Difference: Christian Attitudes Towards Government
Should the Bible be used as a political policy manual? Does the Bible speak to every current political issue? Dr. Rex M. Rogers examines how a Christian should use God's Word in the realm of politics and government.

Making a Difference: Should Religion be a Qualification for the Presidency?
Our Founding Fathers gave us a gift, the gift of No Religious Test for a president. This gift gives presidential candidates the freedom of worship, and it gives us, the citizens, the freedom to vote, or not to vote him or her into higher office.

Making a Difference: Forgiving Parents
Parents, good or not so good, influence us all of our lives. Either way, parents aren’t perfect. Have you forgiven them?.

Making a Difference: Honoring Our Wives
Christian men are taught how about the importance of investing their money, time, and skills. But what if I told you the biggest investment you can make... is your investment... in honoring your wife?

Making a Difference: I Am A Victim
Adam blamed Eve in the Garden of Eden. Now Americans seem to think being a victim is a good thing. Blame society for what we did. Are we becoming a nation of victims?

Making a Difference: The Occult
Scary stories are a fun part of childhood. But something called the Occult goes way beyond silly ghost stories. You want to protect and care for your family? Learn to recognize the influences of the Occult..

Making a Difference: Is Your Business Ethical?
Americans don’t seem to be able to tell the difference in right or wrong. But God said, “Don’t lie or steal.” Seems like good business to me. Is your business ethical?

Making a Difference: Smart Money
There is a lot of talk today about money. There is advice on how to spend, how to save, and of course, the never ending offers for credit cards. The Scriptures have a lot to say about money. Follow the wisdom of the Scriptures when deciding how to use yours.

Making a Difference: Literacy
Christians are “People of the Book.” We want people to be able to read the Bible for themselves. Literacy combats extremism. Is there more we can do to advance literacy?

Making a Difference: Freedom Is Not the Absence of Restraints
When I was a kid I thought I was free if adults didn’t tell me how to behave. But that’s when I got in trouble. We need boundaries. But in a nation given to moral relativism, how can we preserve our freedoms?

Making a Difference: Becoming An Organ Donor
The Bible speaks about the importance of giving ourselves to others... but what does it say of literally... giving parts of ourselves to others... through organ donation?

Making a Difference: Understanding Death
Death comes to one and all. That’s a morose thought. Death is a loss and it can hurt, but Christians see death differently. What’s your theology of death?

Making a Difference: Tribalism Pulls Us Apart
Americans seem more interested in being different than being alike. Sounds harmless, but the idea of tribalism can be a centrifugal force pulling us apart. What’s your take on E Pluribus Unum?

Making a Difference: Superstition
Superstition is a word usually applied to some far off backward part of the world. But that’s only part of the story. Did you know that superstition is alive and well in the USA?

Making a Difference: What About Welfare?
Work is part of life. But some people cannot or do not work and thus need human welfare. The trick is discerning who are indeed the truly needy. Do you believe welfare is even the Christian thing to do?

Making a Difference: Free Enterprise
Social trends suggest Americans want government to make decisions for them. We’ll trade liberty, and responsibility, for personal peace and affluence. So is free enterprise a thing of the past?