We are Leading Eyes Upward!

*If you were expecting to find the home of Missions In Media, you found it. We recently changed our name to Manna Media.

Everywhere you go, you cannot but help notice people looking down, down at their ipad, phone or other hand held device. Manna Media Inc (MM) strives to create content that will cause people to look up.

Manna Media Inc. (MM) was formed as a 501c3, nonprofit ministry out of a successful history of publishing a print newspaper for over 15 years.

MM operates several Christian websites and Facebook pages and is engaging with a growing number of people. The Facebook pages have enjoyed over 600,000 likes.

MM has produced over 100 individual short film segments and have been viewed over 70,000 times. The number is increasing daily.

Going forward, MM desires to be function as a cultural architect and development ministry in reaching our world through the various social media platforms producing culturally engaging and compelling content and engage with the secular and Christian audiences.

MM desires to increase its social media outreach, engage with a widening audience and increase the production of quality and quantity of short film segments.

mmshootWe are committed to high quality and excellence in media productions and delivery to impact both secular and Christian audiences, earning respect and appreciation as a means of influencing people to deeper faith in Jesus Christ.

We will strive to make continuous improvement until Jesus returns.

At Manna Media Inc. we whole heartedly agree with Charles Wesley who said, “All the world is my parish.” Our goal is to connect the secular to the sacred, after all This Is our Father's World.

We are non-denominational and non-partisan, but do support and present a conservative perspective on church and societal issues. WMCN is a member of the Evangelical Press Association, known for its quality publications.

There are four ways you can help. 

    • If you have story or idea, call or email us. We would love to hear from you.
    • You can pray for this ministry. Ask the Lord to open up the doors and resources required for Manna Media Inc to present Christian media in a professional way.
    • And, please tell a friend about what we are doing. We want to share the good news!
    • Consider making a contribution
    • Thank you for your interest!
               Its Onward and Forward


There is a saying, "The Trend Is Your Friend." So when we look for ways to reach the world with Christ's good news, we need to use the trend instead of ignoring it.

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