Dr. Rex Rogers
One Church in a Diverse World
In a diverse world is One Church even possible or desirable?

I’ve been privileged to travel internationally. And given the kind of work that I do, focused upon Christian satellite broadcasting, I typically meet, eat, and at times even lodge with local Christians.

While most speak English, many others do not, and sadly I do not speak their language. So, the only thing you can do is nod and smile. Speaking via an interpreter aids the communication process, but even so, there are limits.

What’s fascinating to me, though, despite language barriers, is that when you meet Christians you experience a connection. You literally feel it. There’s something extra that gets communicated across the smiles. It’s the bond we share in the Holy Spirit. We are both part of the Church universal, the Body of Christ, the Church, capital C.

Despite demography, nationality, language, and culture, still, we are one Church in a diverse world. It’s “a God thing” that allows us to work together for His purposes.

It applies here at home too. The Western Church needs this oneness, a fellowship that transcends politics.