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Conversation with Diet Eman

A Conversation With Diet Eman:

Diet Eman was born and raised in the Netherlands and took part in the underground Dutch resistance against the Nazis after their invasion in 1940.
During that time she provided forged identification cards and shelter for Jews and others targeted for extermination. She also aided downed Allied pilots. In this brief interview with Manna Media, she shares her amazing story.

Our Full Conversation with Diet Eman
Diet tells her story

Angry With God
Diet tells the story of a family with seven children who hid American soldiers during World War II, and the consequences they suffered for doing this.

I Loved Psalm 27
Diet Eman tells how precious the Psalms and the life of David were to her during the two years she was on the run as a worker in the Dutch resistance during World War II.

Expecting Arrest Every Day
Diet tells about her role in the Dutch resistance group she was a part of, and the thousands of miles she walked delivering mail and ration cards to the Jewish people they were hiding. She shares how the group faced death every day and how after 2 years on the run, it was almost a relief to her when she was arrested.

Taking Responsibility
Diet begins this conversation telling how the boys of Germany were forced to join the Hitler Youth and had their minds poisoned with Hitler's hatred of the Jews at a very young age.

They had Calluses on their Knees
Diet starts out this conversation by recounting how she and her fiancé Hein began hiding Jews in the Netherlands during World War II because of a letter Herman, her Jewish friend and co-worker, received telling him to leave the country.
Saved by a Raincoat
Diet reminds young people today that God is faithful and tells how while in prison, she scratched the words "Lo, I am with you always" on her prison cell wall.
She also tells the amazing story of how God used plastic, a new invention at the time, to save her from certain execution.

A Modern Day Rahab
Diet talks about the ethical dilemmas she faced in her work with the Dutch Resistance during World War II..

Rescue Mission
The safest place to hide the Jewish people in Holland during World War II was in the countryside. Diet tells how she and her fiancé Hein found farmers willing to hide Jews in their homes. She also talks about the dangers and difficulties of hiding people in the cities and tells the story of Mies, a woman who hid 27 people in her tiny apartment.

Surprised by Evil
As a young woman in the Christian resistance in Holland during World War II, Diet Eman experienced firsthand the atrocities that occurred in her country at the hands of the Nazis. In this conversation,

Still Being Used by God
At the age of 16 Diet Eman asked the Lord that her life would not be dull and He certainly answered that prayer. Diet celebrated her 93rd birthday in April of 2013 and still feels honored to be serving the Lord and being used by Him.

The "Crime" of Being Jewish
Diet Eman, a member of the Dutch Christian Resistance during World War II, talks about the rise of Hitler and the occupation of Holland. She shares the story of Herman, a Jewish friend and co-worker, whose situation motivated her to become involved in the Dutch resistance movement.

God Bless our Robbery
How do you feed hundred's of people in country where food is rationed? Diet Eman, a leader in the Dutch resistance during World War II, tells how it became necessary to rob the government offices for ration cards in order to provide for the people they were hiding.

The Righteous Among the Nations Award
Diet talks about receiving the "Righteous Among the Nations Award", an award given to Gentiles who have risked their lives for the Jewish people.

It Starts Small and Gets Big
Diet shares her thoughts and insights on America today, and asks how we can expect blessings from God when we are moving away from Him.

We will never be sorry for what we did
Diet tells how she heard about the death of her beloved fiancé, Hein and shares what was on the last note that he sent her.