Manna Media Projects
While many of us would point to the internet and say it represents some of the worst of mankind’s behaviors, We would argue that like any other technology, this web of connections simply reflects and magnifies the conditions of our hearts that already exist. In many ways, it can even be a useful lens into seeing the truer nature of ourselves when the disguise of anonymity frees us to behave without worldly repercussions.

However, this same freedom also opens up a vulnerability toward new ideas away from the pressure of cynical peers, colleagues or family. What if that same freedom creates an opportunity to help people think - to listen, reflect and consider the truth of Christ in a way that they haven’t before? We would say that’s an opportunity worth exploring, and that seems a great starting point for the development of a series of topical “Godmercials,” to engage some of the most challenging issues of our time and bring light into dark places.

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