Project 2819*

Coming Fall 2022

*Project 2819 is our working title based upon Matthew 28:19

Thank you for your interest in Project 2819. We are an Independent Christian film contest held in Western Michigan. Project 2819 was created to support and empower Independent filmmakers to spread Christ’s message through film. It is our sincere prayer that the films screened will honor Christ and His message of forgiveness and love for all and bless those watching them.

Inaugural Contest:

The Theme of the contest will be announced at the commencement of the competition in Late Spring of 2022 at a launch party. Participants will have a sixty day window to write, cast, edit and produce a not to exceed a five minute film, including credits.

The film’s theme will be created around the biblical theme to be announced, the film is to have at least one recognizable west Michigan location, contain one biblical verse that the filmmaker chooses that supports the theme of the competition.

The film entry is to be an original, produced for the event short film.

The film is not meant to be overtly in your face religious, but rather presenting a respectful and traditional interpretation of the scriptures.

The films will be judged by a panel of judges.

It is our hope and desire that Project 2819 grows and becomes a regularly scheduled event with increasing events and awards.

There will be a minimal registration fee.
There will be cash prizes for those films to be judged as first and second in class.

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Onward and Forward,
Project 2819
Manna Media