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Perhaps something is stirring within you. There is something stirring within us.
stained glass 1
We are excited to be a part of the larger story that God is writing.

People love a good story, there is no better story than His story.

People are the product of the stories that they believe.

We are here to develop counter narratives to the world’s narratives.

A mix of young and old, united by the stirring passion to be the ones to tell that story.

Drop us a line with your story, let’s talk about how we can tell His story together. 

Our windows, now that is another redemptive story:

The oldest form of business is not what you may think. It is media. The telling of stories is as old as the etchings found on the walls in caves. Pictures of animals, people and events all have a story to tell.

  Over one hundred years ago these majestic windows began their life gloriously telling the most amazing love story ever-the love story of a Redeemer coming to earth to rescue fallen man.

For over a hundred years these windows served as the focal point in the gathering place of group of dedicated believers in a Midwest church. Through times of sadness and joy, the windows were a silent reminder of the hope they had through Jesus Christ.

Throughout the years, many generations viewed the story told in these windows and worshipped their God, a God who faithfully watched over their lives and provided for all their needs.

Faced with mounting maintenance and utility costs, changing social and economic patterns, the congregation eventually moved on. The church was transferred to the municipality and charted to become green space. Upon learning of the pending demolition of the structure with its windows intact, a last minute effort to rescue these beautiful works of art was successful.

 The windows are currently safely stored and waiting for another location and opportunity to continue sharing the most wonderful story of all times.

 The dollars received in the sale of these windows will be used to continue to tell that story through the ministry of Manna Media Inc.