About Manna Media

billboard1revBillboard Evangelism is to make people stop and think about God, their relationship with Him, and eternity.

The average American spends 50 minutes commuting to and from work each day, affording quality time to think. Gospel messages on billboards provide the perfect opportunity to direct commuters’ thoughts to God.

Every 64 seconds one of our several images will appear on a billboard along US 131, it is the hope and prayer of Manna Media that many people will ponder the verse and the question presented. Our goal is to lead eyes upward.

Here are some facts that support our thinking on why billboard evangelism is important:

billboard2rev91% of US drivers noticed some form of outdoor ads

82% of billboard viewers make a point to look at the message at least ‘some of the time’

62% of US drivers recall seeing a billboard in the past week

35% of billboard viewers look at a billboard message all or most of the time

68% of travelers make purchase decisions outside of their home either ‘frequently or sometimes’

26% of billboard viewers talked about the ad or product with others

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