Pastor Jay Jones
Pastor Jay Jones is a proven leader and one of 10 key directors within the Pentecostal movement of West Michigan.
 I was ordering dinner at a local drive-thru restaurant a while back, and the cashier asked, "would you like that Medium, or Large?”

It's the same question I was asked every time I'd gone there. Medium... or Large.

I knew I didn't want to pay extra for the large let alone eat that much food, so I said, "Medium.” Then I said, “Wait a minute... do you have a small?”

Not only did they have a small, but it was even cheaper and closer to my appetite.

This is actually a marketing tactic where ALL the options are purposely not presented, causing a person to default to the least risky option... since, apparently, they have no other choice.

The reality in this scenario is, there absolutely is another choice. This is often the way Satan tempts people…

He doesn't present the option to NOT click that link... or to talk it through instead of fight it out... or to pray instead of indulge... or to go to church instead of increase your distance from God... or to give a gift instead of teaching that person a lesson... or to lift the load instead of watching them suffer... or to think about your blessings instead of wallow in discouragement.

The sad thing is... sometimes we're willing to settle with medium or large when a better option actually exists... If we look for it.
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