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Valerie Elliot Shepard shares memories and insight into the lives of her legendary parents, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. She tells the story of two people whose lives exemplified complete obedience. She shares her insightful thoughts carrying on their legacy.

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Relevant Docs: "Father"

"Andrew Palau reflects on his relationship with his father, evangelist Luis Palau. He reflects on his wisdom, his faith and his perseverance, even when Andrew turned his back on all he had been taught.


Andrew Palau tells the story of how he met Christ at one of his father’s crusades in Jamaica, and how God showed him how fragile life is and the importance of sharing the Gospel.


Valerie Elliot Shepard, daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, reminds us that God will give us the same boldness and courage of her parents when we answer the call to walk across the street and bring the Gospel to our neighbor.


A wonderful story of a woman’s God given talents and gifts are now being used after being dormant for over 15 years. Through an ever expanding faith, her gift is now being used for hope and healing in the lives of others.


In the Bible, David used his harp to touch the troubled mind of King Saul. Pastor George Davis looks at the power of music in the Bible and the power of music today to touch the heart in a way nothing else can.


A love story that started with a postcard. This is the story of Randy and Marcia Hekman, whose love story really did not start with a postcard, but by God’s divine plan for their lives.


Among the gifts God has given us is the gift of imagination. We are made in the image of a creative God, and it is never too early to learn to use our gift of creativity to inspire creativity in kids of all ages.

Relevant Docs: Empowering Women

Seeing the despair on the faces of impoverished women, their desperate health situations, and the hard physical labor they had to endure touched Mary Dailey Brown so deeply that she spent sleepless nights thinking about them, and knew something had to be done


When God calls, He provides. A wonderful story of God's faithfulness expressed through coffee. This short film will inspire you to pray with a much greater level of expectancy.


Sometimes God calls us to do something “out of the box”. Paul’s Moms Cookies is the story of how two women and their passion for baking became their ministry. One cookie at a time.

God Will Make A Way

"God will make a way Where there seems to be no way He works in ways we cannot see He will make a way for me He will be my guide Hold me closely to His side With love and strength for each new day He will make a way."


An opportunity to reach into millions of homes of Muslims in an uncensored way, to go where no Christian had ever gone before, was an opportunity to good to pass by. SAT-7 is using the unique opportunity.


Valerie Elliot Shepard shares memories and insight into the lives of her legendary parents, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. She tells the story of two people whose lives exemplified complete obedience.

Relevant Docs: Go and Do Good

Mary Dailey Brown’s belief is if you want to help the poor, you should help the women. For months Mary had been praying to God for someone to start an organization dedicated to the care of impoverished women and was very relieved when she felt He told her He had found someone.


“God’s ability to forgive is greater than your ability to sin.” Dick Rolfe, Co-founder and CEO of the Dove Foundation; tells his story of how God reached down and put him on the right path.


Seeds are meant to be sown. Often the sower never sees the harvest, but the seeds still need to be sown. The church must nurture the seeds that are sown, often in creative and unfamiliar ways.


George Davis relates the experience of moving to a place completely unlike anything he had ever known. He tells of being in a sea of faces, very few of whom looked like him, and the loneliness and rejection that brought.

Missionaries to the Future

“Someone once said that children are missionaries to a time we will never see." Parents influence the future through their children. The Hekmans raised 12 children and are now seeing the fruit of their prayers.


As a child, he was intrigued by the importance his father placed in regularly meeting with a group of Christian men. He remembered that as an adult and wanted it too, and saw the importance of meeting with believers.

Relevant Docs: Sowing Hope

Mary Dailey Brown has found that impoverished women are some of most despised people of the human race. Through Sow Hope, Mary has made it her mission to show these women their value by promoting wellness, education and economic opportunities.