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Godmercials: A visual presentation of a spiritual truth tied to Biblical themes, communicated in 60 seconds (or so), all designed to point people to a closer relationship with the Savior.

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The Lessons of My Father

Often children don't understand why they have to do things they really don't want to do. It takes a wise parent to give a gentle answer for why we do the hard things.

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Sometimes faith is best expressed and experienced through the eyes of a child.

All I Need

God has provided many reminders of His faithfulness to provide all that I need. Take the time to look for them.

Pictured Rocks

The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on South shore of Lake Superior is an excellent example of My Father's World.


Signs are everywhere and yet today many people can not read them and are lost. God's signs are easy to read and always lead us to Himself.

The Lessons of My Father

Often children don't understand why they have to do things they don't want to do. It takes a wise parent to give a gentle answer for why we do the hard things.


We trust others with some very important things. Sometimes these people let us down. But, there is one who never disappoints, never lets us down.


Not a day goes by that something doesn’t change. Sometimes change is for the good, sometimes not so good. Looking for something that is guaranteed not to change?


Laws, laws, laws. So many laws. Some are obvious and well known, others obscure. But, what does God have to say about laws? You may be surprised to find out!

Silent Night

"Blessed are they who see Christmas through the eyes of a child" Unknown


Many products come with an expiration date. Our lives also have an expiration date. We do not know when it is, so use your time wisely, while you still can.

He Is

How does God make Himself known? Sometimes it’s through our occupation! Part of our Godmercials Project.


We desire to make an impact on the world, but not sure of what God may want us to do. Opportunities appear right in front our eyes, and often come to the front door of our home.

The Letter

When is it time to repair a father son relationship? Sooner is always better than later.

The Thanksgiving Guest

There is something about the holidays that makes us want to be a blessing to others, so we make our plans. But, sometimes God has an even greater plan in mind. Be ready!

Big Barney’s Barn Bonanza

A humorous parody on a not so humorous topic. Our tendency is to live and think like we can take it with us. Yet, there is a real clear Biblical statement that sums it up at the end.

Just Thankful, or Thankful to the Lord?

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “thank” as, “to tell (someone) that you are grateful for something that he or she has done or given” This Thanksgiving Day, who are you going to thank for your many blessings?


It is time for the church to rise and shine

Acting Like a Tourist?

Ever been a tourist in a foreign country? If you have, you know how easy it is to spot your fellow tourists. And, let’s face it; they can spot you as a tourist too!

The Last Presentation

Life is full of presentations. But there is one that you may not have given much thought to until now.


We live in a throw away culture. If we don’t want something anymore, we get rid of it. And sometimes, it is only after we get rid of something, do we realize its value.


Sometimes when things seem hopeless, God provides in a very unexpected way.

The Longest Christmas Journey

During the Christmas season, many people go to great lengths and travel long distances just to be with those they love.


Psalm 133:1 tells us: "How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!" But where is our unity? How can we find it?


Do you remember the old Sunday School song, “Onward Christian Soldiers”? That song is not just for school children, but for every Christian fighting the enemy in order to advance the Kingdom of God.